I have recently finished teaching one of my adult classes a piece called ‘The Gaz’. It is quite technically difficult to play and they have been working on it very slowly. I suspect they have been wondering if they will ever be able to play it at speed. Of course, they will, if they put the work in. However, sometimes it is difficult to BELIEVE that this is possible when the process can be a little challenging at the beginning.

So, there is nothing surprising to me here. I fully expect that becoming competent at playing this particular piece it will take ‘as long as it takes. Everyone will develop the ability at their own pace, and that’s absolutely fine.

I find it interesting when unexpected things happen though. Isn’t life full of these moments? My youngest kids had some friends around yesterday and they all had a really great time, were very well behaved and it all went quite smoothly UNTIL their parents arrived to pick them up!!! Then, there seemed to be some kind of weird energetic shift and things got a little CRA-ZY. Please tell me it’s not just me that experiences this at the end of playdates and parties? Even though I’m used to it now I’m still not really expecting it.

I was also caught unawares on Saturday, I had a 10-year-old student come into her class and play ‘The Gaz’ beautifully! I hadn’t heard her play it for quite a while and the last time I did hear it, it was certainly not at the standard that I heard on Saturday. I actually felt ASTOUNDED and someone needed to pick my jaw up off the floor. She has clearly been chipping away at it as one of the requirements of being a student here at Rhythm and Tunes Piano School is that students keep a very comprehensive playlist alive. That is, they continue to play pieces and songs, of all different styles and genres, for a certain period after they have finished learning them. Our ultimate objective is to have at least an hour of repertoire that students can play anywhere, anytime, on any piano, without the need for sheet music.

So, whether or not you are actually expecting to experience the opportunity to PLAY the piano with a sense of FREEDOM when you enrol into lessons here it is very, very likely to happen if you are happy to commit to the process.

The FREEDOM to connect with music again.

The FREEDOM to love it.

The FREEDOM to explore.

The FREEDOM to create.

The FREEDOM to musically weave a tapestry of fun and ENJOYMENT.

The FREEDOM to be yourself at the keyboard, not someone else’s musical version of you.

The FREEDOM to improvise.

The FREEDOM to compose.

The FREEDOM to read chords easily and simply.

The FREEDOM to just play for yourself, something just for YOU.

Email joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and I will be in touch!

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