Hi There! I’m SO glad that you found me… Tell me… Does this sound like you? You learnt piano as a child but you never felt like one of those 'natural' musicians. Because you learnt ‘traditionally’ you couldn't play anything without your music in front...

We provide music lessons and development for all ages.
So whether your interested in a session for yourself or your child we can help.

Pre-School / Kindy Kids

School Age


Lessons with Jo Cenko at Rhythm and Tunes Piano School are fulfilling a lifelong ambition to play the piano. After attempting to learn through the traditional method many years ago, I thought I didn’t have a musical bone in my body. However, Jo’s group lessons are easy to understand, yet inspiring and provide a challenge each week. Practice is no longer a chore and after only 7 lessons, I’m happily playing pieces to family and friends.

Thank you Jo..... Dreams DO come true! Glenys Roberts

Well worth it . I'd encourage all parents to consider it. Amazed by what my girls learnt in three lessons and the thrill on their faces when they played the songs.  Louise Noble

I would highly recommend Rhythm and Tunes Piano School. I love the idea that they learn so many songs straight away. Charli is confident and loves to perform for anyone who will listen!  Christy McKenzie


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