Lessons with Jo Cenko at Rhythm and Tunes Piano School are fulfilling a lifelong ambition to play the piano. After attempting to learn through the traditional method many years ago, I thought I didn’t have a musical bone in my body. However, Jo’s group lessons are easy to understand, yet inspiring and provide a challenge each week. Practice is no longer a chore and after only 7 lessons, I’m happily playing pieces to family and friends.

Thank you Jo..... Dreams DO come true!

Glenys Roberts

Thank you for organising this evening’s get together. I have had such a fabulous time. Lovely dinner, company & fun piano playing. I also want to thank you for your dedication in teaching us. I am amazed that I have learned so many songs in 5 months.

Well worth it . I'd encourage all parents to consider it. Amazed by what my girls learnt in three lessons and the thrill on their faces when they played the songs.

Louise Noble

I would highly recommend Rhythm and Tunes Piano School. I love the idea that they learn so many songs straight away. Charli is confident and loves to perform for anyone who will listen!

Christy McKenzie


They look forward to learning in their group. Using all the tools to remember how to play songs helps with memory and learning in other areas. They learn to play recognisable songs and others are impressed by their playing, which impacts their confidence. I would definitely recommend Rhythm and Tunes Piano School.

Kirstine Green

My son absolutely enjoys Jo's classes. She is very good with kids and has a great personality. Definitely would recommend if your kid wants to learn play piano and have fun at the same time. I give ☆☆☆☆☆

Natalie Lombardi


Loving the method, loving the enthusiasm, loving the encouragement, loving the friendship, loving the confidence, loving the sense of achievement, loving the progress and loving the happiness our child's learning brings to our family.

Dianne Groenewegen

Excellent school both my girls enjoying the journey.

Sibongile Maseko-Masocha


Jo's passion for music (and love of music) shine through her teaching. The Simply Music method suits my son perfectly, I don't think he would've persisted with old ways of teaching piano. But he can improvise and happily play in public and practising isn't the slog it was for me as a kid!

Suzanne Marie

Well history in the making! We had our first duet session this evening with my daughter! She was most impressed - we sang Amazing Grace - and had lots and lots of fun. I actually played in front of not only her, but her partner as well, something I would never have done before : ) they liked my two compositions - and you know what, it didn’t matter whether I made a mistake or not, I just enjoyed sharing…Yupee!

I only ever played, even the violin, which was my major when I had to perform on stage or with the orchestra, but never for a friend or ‘private’ audience… so this is quite revolutionary for me - and very liberating!

So I can’t thank you enough Jo, you have opened a whole new world to me, making practice and music not only fun but no longer isolated… I feel connected and happy…

Chelsea was given a keyboard for Christmas and enjoyed tinkering away on it. I bought a couple of Children's Music Books to try and help her learn a few songs, but after 6 months she was bored with it as she could only play 2 or 3 basic songs. Twinkle twinkle little star was a favourite. She basically only worked out how to play these songs through sound. I didn't know how to read music so how could I help and encourage her.

It was on Facebook that I saw a post for Rhythm & Tunes Piano School and after reading up on it and talking to Jo, I knew straight away that this was the way we needed to go. The method and the way it is taught makes so much more sense than the traditional way.. Teach us what notes to play and we will learn to read the music later. Just get us playing!!

After 2 classes we already had 3 songs on our playlist and believe me there was no Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to be heard.. Gorgeous melody pieces using both hands and the foot pedal.

This is not a drop off and go for a coffee Piano School. I stay with Chelsea for the 40 minute lesson and get taught at the same time.. 2 for 1 Bonus !! Music is constantly alive in our home and I have always wanted to play the piano . To have this time and interest with Chelsea is priceless and something I cherish.

It is a commitment you as the parent need to make, but 15 minutes a day and a 40 minute lesson once a week is worth every second when you hear your child or yourself play.

Chelsea is also in her second year with The Australian Girls Junior Choir and putting the voice and piano together is just gorgeous to listen too. We learnt Amazing Grace last week and we had a sing-a-long with her elderly grandparents. These are memories that will stay with us forever.

Chelsea's grandparents saw the potential and interest straight away and generously replaced her little keyboard with our first piano. A very exciting day it was delivered.

Chelsea and I spend 15 minutes each evening practising our playlist together which is currently at 8 songs. But believe me, she is enjoying it so much and is so motivated, she is on and off the piano all day practising.

Her creativity is inspiring, listening to her create her own little compositions, with words. She is also choosing to spend her time playing the piano rather than watching TV or the iPad. Happy days !!

Nicole Watkins


I have 2 boys (aged 10 & 9 years old) who have been attending piano lessons with Jo since February 2016. My initial thought, was to provide the boys with a positive approach to learning a musical instrument, that would leave them enthused about perusing a musical interest. I was very excited to hear about Rhythm & Tunes Piano School that facilitates a ‘fun’ approach to learning.

My eldest son has always struggled with learning and being able to focus on tasks. He has had issues of auditory processing and fine motor coordination. I had heard that music could help in both these areas but have been truly astonished at just how much he has benefited by piano lessons with Jo. He has since, been able to focus better both at school and home, listen more intuitively and coordinate both his hands simultaneously, which he often struggled with in everyday activities.

Both the boys really enjoy attending the lessons and enjoy practicing at home also. I find that they are really proud of their achievements with piano so far. This shows in their willingness to show friends and family what they have learnt. As a mum, I couldn’t be more proud of them both ! They have already learnt to confidently play, in excess of 30 different songs and are happy to perform in front of a large audience also. Their confidence is astounding.

I feel that the style of the program/lessons Jo offers and her positive teaching approach has brought out their best musical ability in both the boys and I’m really glad to have invested in such a wonderful program for both my children. I will definitely also be providing my younger 2 children with the same wonderful opportunity in the very near future. I am excited at what is still to come and I’m sure I will continue to be amazed.