What do you think are the most common comments people say in my classes? 
If you had to take a guess would you say these comments are negative or positive?
Negative, of course!!! 


The most common things I hear kids and adult students alike say in my classes are…

“I can’t…”
“I’m not very good at it.”
“I struggle with…”
I spend much time reframing these comments so they are re-expressed as something that can be changed and improved upon rather than act as a barrier to success.
We are SO good at putting ourselves down rather than feeling like we can speak positively about our accomplishments and achievements. Students here at Rhythm and Tunes Piano School can generally play 30 – 50 songs and pieces in the first 12 -18 months of lessons. They can pay a variety of styles including blues, classical, jazz and gospel. They also learn how to play major, minor, suspended, 6th, major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th chords during this time. They are also composing, playing arrangements, improvising and transposing 3 chord songs during that time. 

That’s a lot! 

Therefore, they have much to actually BOAST about, and in my opinion, they should, even though that goes against the grain of what society tells us is appropriate. Build yourself up for goodness sake. If you don’t no one else is going to, that’s for sure. Why aren’t they coming in and saying things like
“I CAN!”
“I’m BRILLIANT at this?”
“I’m IMPROVING in this area.”
In the same way, as we have to re-train our brain to learn music differently it really is important we re-train our attitude towards ourselves. We must BELIEVE it is possible to achieve what we have set out to accomplish and then, do the work.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand and if you don’t commit to the process I can’t guarantee the results. Sometimes that takes
Yes, if you’re not up for all of that then it’s probably not even worth starting. I’m not talking about hours and hours of scales each day either. I’m saying that if you don’t have at least 15 minutes a day to process the material and do the work, then don’t bother. Sounds harsh? Perhaps, but I’m actually saying this from a place of love and great desire for you to finally succeed at playing the piano freely, without inhibitions and worrying about making mistakes. Wouldn’t you love to just sit down and play beautiful, rich sounding music easily, automatically? What is going to PROPEL you forward? How do you intend to make it happen? Are you just one decision away from your very fun and enjoyable musical future?

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