Have you ever excluded yourself from something because it just didn’t feel right? Do you think there may have been an underlying sense of reticence because of an earlier experience that didn’t go to plan? So, you created a general belief that all situations were going to be like that. Perhaps you have tried a few times now to re-connect with the piano but there just hasn’t been that spark that you have been searching for. Sure, it was ok and you made some headway but you were still pushing down the black dots that someone else told you to push down. Don’t get me wrong, you want to play great sounding music that is already in existence but you ALSO would like to create a piece of music that you can call your own. A piece that you can proudly put on your playlist and practise regularly just like all those other composers’ music.

I suspect this is one of the missing pieces of the musical jigsaw that you have been looking for and before you protest – it is not difficult to do this!!! After a few sessions and you will have enough knowledge to start drawing, painting, knitting, crocheting and designing your very own music. It really is just a matter of giving you a framework you can work within, a step by step ‘pattern’ that allows for your very own creative genius to take over.

You know that there is more to music than you’ve been told about.

You know there’s so much more than what you were previously taught.

You want to feel KNOWLEDGEABLE

You want to feel ACCOMPLISHED

You want to feel FULFILLED

You want to feel AMAZING

You want to feel PROUD

You want to feel SATISFIED

You want to feel LIBERATED

You want to feel DETERMINED

You want to feel DRIVEN

You want to feel ON FIRE

You want to feel a DESIRE to finally make music that lights you up with a sense of EXPLOSIVE freedom that you have always craved.

You want to feel BURSTING AT THE SEAMS like your musical cup is now not only full but overflowing with the beauty, magnificence and brilliance of your ability to finally understand how all the bits and pieces fit together.

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