I had a panic attack in the dentist’s chair today. It passed quickly but there were a couple of seconds there where I felt very strong out of control feeling. Not nice. I imagined the band the dentist had put around my tooth was ten times as big as it actually was and I think that is what sent me into a spin as my mouth just felt so full which gave me a sense of claustrophobia. Isn’t it funny how we can build things up to be completely different to what the actual reality is? Anyway, I managed to settle and the rest of the procedure went completely smoothly and everything was fine.

This experience had me wondering if you have been doing something similar. Have you been making up stories in your mind about returning to the piano that just isn’t true even though at some level you are believing them? What would happen if you made a decision to put those stories aside for a moment and take a leap of faith. I have put the most amazing opportunity together for you and I have such a strong sense that this format will work for you if you are someone who has been meaning to enrol but thinks they might need to wait until next year now. Well, sometimes next year never comes. Haven’t you waited long enough?

 Email joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and I will be in touch!

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