Are you doing things the same old way because that is the way they have always been done? Are you afraid to make a change in case it just doesn’t work as well? What if it did happen to work? What if it’s possible for things to be done even better than the way they have been done in the past, and improved upon to make the experience all the more pleasant.

I was reading the front page of my local paper this morning. There was an article there about how the state government is going to push for more children to be adopted. I found myself triggered reading the same biased and, in my opinion, blatantly ignorant rhetoric around this subject. Why do we keep going back to the old ways of doing things that have clearly failed in so many respects and not achieved the desired outcome for all the parties involved? There are so many other ways a child can be given a loving home without being required to exchange their fundamental identity, heritage, ancestry and connection to their own kin. Why do we continue to delete children from their own families like family connections don’t matter? We all know they do matter. A lot. Genealogy wouldn’t be so popular if bloodline didn’t matter. Surely children can just be added and welcomed into their new family without being amputated from where they belong.

The same could be said for music education. In some cases, music is still being taught the same way it has been taught for centuries. There has been so much research around how we learn best but we still insist on expecting students to trudge through the slow and tedious methodologies of reading music before they can actually play anything that sounds reasonable and interesting! I would have given up teaching years ago if I had to continue to teach that way. Thank God, I discovered a better way. A different way. A much more EXCITING way to facilitate the musicality within us and simply lay it out onto the keyboard in a simple and logical fashion that just makes sense.

I have spoken to hundreds of people who tell me that the old approach to piano lessons just didn’t work for them. Many of them say they could never read the bass clef, for a start! They say they were tied to the page and never developed the freedom to play without needing the music in front of them. They were disheartened but have never given up the dream of reigniting that musicality that lives within. There is still a flicker of a flame burning that they can’t quite extinguish.

It would be easy to go back to what you are comfortable with but if it didn’t work the first time why on earth would it work now?

Wouldn’t you like to finally be able to access music in a unique way that you never dreamed possible? Sure, it would be comfortable to return to what you know but what about if you just keep an open mind that there may well be a methodology that feels like it was specifically designed, just for your style of learning.

If you are prepared to do this I have the perfect solution for you, email with your best contact number and I will be in touch!

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