I hope you are loving yourself as much as others on this special day. For me, part of this involves some self-analysis and the release of old pain which I find gives me the freedom to love more deeply. So this morning I penned this letter to myself and thought I would (tentatively and shyly) share it with you. I knew there was something I needed to explore. Haha, and you thought you were going to get a light and fluffy sentimental message from me today. Surely you know me better than that by now. I would love to know if you have similar reflections.

“A letter from Me to me.

Is there someone or something you are keeping at arm’s length?

Perhaps something happened a long time ago and you won’t let that thing or person back into your life as the memory is just too painful. Is it time to inspect it and reframe it? Is there an aspect of yourself that may be reflected in this situation? An aspect that you have hidden for long enough and needs to come into the light now?

Why is today the day you feel brave enough to look at it again? And why, this time, are you able to digest it differently so it doesn’t have the same impact on you?

Was it a harsh word?

Was it the end of an important relationship?

Perhaps a teacher said something out of turn that embedded a belief that you’re just not good at that subject.

Have you ever asked yourself why you continue to harbour it? What benefit is it providing to you now to do so?

Is it time to free yourself of this thought? High time, probably.

Life is too short to hang on to the past.

It’s not easy though, is it?

Regardless of this experience you’re actually ok.

You are loved.

You are wanted.

You are embraced.

You are stunningly beautiful.

You are worthwhile.

You are magnetic.

You are desired.

You are creation in all its glory.

So, is today your day?

The day to release all hurt?

The day to celebrate you?

The day to go far beyond what you think you are capable of?

The day to shine bright?

The day to explode into your genius?

The day to soothe and heal old wounds?

The day to use music as a healing balm.

It takes more energy to keep someone or something at arm’s length than it does to release the feelings associated with the particular incident. Give yourself a rest from holding onto the grudges, the resentment. Choose peace instead. Oh, and music : )”

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