Sometimes the ‘hard’ decision is the right decision.

I recall bursting into tears at my piano lesson when I was twelve years old. My mum had just told me that I was no longer going to participate in the marching team I was involved in. I know, who cares right. What was so fun about marching. Well, I absolutely loved it, even though my spatial intelligence was continuously challenged with all the different formations I had to learn!

There was a weekend competition that was coming up in the next town that I was also not going to be attending. I was literally devastated because that also meant I wasn’t going to be getting my shiny, white, brand new white boots either.

Mum had some very good reasons for making this decision that made sense. She had heard some things and was just trying to keep me safe, which I appreciate.

Sometimes the right decision isn’t always the ‘feel good’ decision. It is just right. You know it in your bones and cellular structure itself. Mum made the right decision for me and insisted I continue on with music. Well, the rest is history as they say. I certainly don’t think I would be writing to you today about marching haha. I progressed with my music to the point of loving it just as much as marching.

It takes grit to persevere with something where the joy may be delayed but worth it.

The options are to give up or just put our head down and bum up and get on with it regardless of how we feel about it in the moment. I’m not necessarily talking about pushing through but simply acknowledging that we don’t tend to ‘feel’ like doing something until we are actually doing it.

Have you ever come to a fork in the road where it has been difficult to decide which direction to take? Both options have pros and cons but deep down you know exactly which path will provide the best outcome. It’s can sometimes be a hard decision but if you look ahead you can see yourself achieving your desired outcome even though the intervening terrain looks a bit rocky and difficult to navigate.

This terrain can take many twists and turns and can feel like a roller coaster. You can be cruising along enjoying the view when suddenly a major event can come out of the blue and throws you off course. It is in these moments you have the option of throwing in the towel and doing something easier or re-committing to your ultimate goal.

So, do you really need to watch that Netflix series or would it be more beneficial for the health of your brain to do something more stimulating?

More engaging

More interesting

More challenging

More rewarding

What would it be like to share the journey with others who have the same interest as you?

What is the life expectancy of your current activities?

Do they bring you joy?

Do they satisfy?

Do they provide you with a system to operate within that provides and sense of direction and purpose?

Is today the day that you make a change, finally?

Is today the day you take the bull by the horns and DECIDE

DECIDE enough procrastinating

DECIDE enough excuses

DECIDE to just do it

DECIDE you really have nothing to lose

DECIDE you can’t wait any longer

DECIDE the call is now deafening and you must do something about it

DECIDE you’re worth it

DECIDE you deserve it

DECIDE that you are allowed to do it

DECIDE that you have permission now

DECIDE that you are good enough

DECIDE that you CAN do it

DECIDE that tomorrow may never come and you don’t want to live with regrets

DECIDE it is safe to pursue now.

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