What are you believing to be true?

Are those beliefs your beliefs or do they belong to someone else and you have just taken them on board?

It’s interesting how we carry other people’s thoughts, feelings and opinions around as if they were our own. Perhaps you were told all manner of things that no longer serve you but you’re still holding on for dear life, because, as funny as it sounds, it feels safer to live someone else’s belief system rather than your own.
So if you were ever told you were not great at a particular subject at school, just not good enough or would never succeed at said subject then it’s time to dump those beliefs where they belong, in the garbage. No-one has any right to continually judge your ability at anything actually.

You’re the one who can make that decision.

You’re the one in control of manufacturing your own belief in yourself now. It really is just a choice. Yes, you have the power to decide to try again, if it is something you still have a burning desire to pursue.
I have spoken to hundreds of people over the years that learnt how to play the piano when they were children. They generally gave up after a couple of years as it was just too complex and confusing the way that they were made to learn.

Quite often they have made decisions around their lack of musicality. When they come here for lessons they are generally newly retired and finally have the time to commit some time to their dreams. They ALWAYS tell me they still have a passion for music but they just want to sit down and ENJOY themselves and connect with the instrument in a way they were never previously allowed to do.

If this sounds like you, email me at joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and we can jump on the phone for a chat about your musical dreams and aspirations.

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