Do you ever feel like you can’t really say what you’re thinking?

Have you ever been asked to do something that you thought just didn’t make any sense?

Why was it that you didn’t feel like you were allowed to express your opinion?

Did you feel like you were silenced because what you had to say went against society’s expectations, went against the norm, went against all you had been taught was the ‘right’ way of doing things?

If you said what you really thought, would that be breaking the so called ‘rules’. Let’s face it, quite often we are told we have to conform to the way ‘things have always been done.’ If we upset the apple cart, so to speak, we get into trouble, and that is the last thing we want, so we just do as we’re told.

I recall talking to a child a few years ago who had been taking piano lessons for a few years. I asked him if he enjoyed composing and improvising. He told me that he wasn’t allowed him to “muck around” on the piano.


What is so wrong with giving students permission to musically EXPRESS themselves, to use their own music as a release from all the pressures of everyday life, to CREATE a picture of how they see the world using music as their vehicle? Why do they have to perfectly fit into a box that someone else has manufactured as the ‘right’ way to experience music?

How about we just remove all judgement from the process and see what magic happens then.

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