Do you ever wonder if this music thing is really for you? Does it just feel too overwhelming to try again? After all, it didn’t really work for you when you were younger so why would it be any different now?

Are you spending precious time talking yourself out of the opportunity to be self-expressed at the piano? To be able to just sit down and have the FREEDOM to explore without fear of criticism or being told you’re just not good enough.

You have received so many false messages over the years from people who probably had your best interests at heart, but inadvertently managed to imbed dreadful damaging beliefs in you about your musical ability. You really could be very good but these beliefs are holding you back from finally taking the plunge and investing in yourself and the opportunity to have music as a lifelong companion.

Things won’t change unless they change. Things remain exactly the same until you take that first step. That first step involves you making a decision that you are not going to put this off any longer. It’s something that’s played on your mind for many years but there has been reason upon reason why you can’t put yourself first for a change, and just take the plunge.

What if there was a way that could show you just how to play? Can you imagine sitting down and having the ability to just play through 10 songs of all different styles and genres, from memory? Well, it’s possible, very possible. All you need is 10 minutes a day and a determination that it will work for you this time.

If you would like to find out how I can help you achieve this, just email with your best contact number and I’ll be in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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