Have you ever had one of those ‘turning point’ moments in your life?

Back in 2005, I had an 18-month toddler. Being a very passionate music educator and knowing the incredible benefits of music on a child’s developing brain I wanted to book her into a little rhythm and movement class. So I called the local Kindermusik teacher, made the booking and that was all fine. In the course of that conversation, that teacher suggested that I might like to go and have a look at a particular website. To this day I do not recall telling her I had played the piano OR in fact taught the piano. It seemed to be almost an intuitive suggestion on her behalf. Anyway, I went to that website and spent the next 4 hours trawling through the information. It was telling me there was a way out there that showed you how to PLAY the piano. I felt like I had spent 16 years ‘learning’ the piano. I had all this academic, intellectual and theoretical knowledge inside my head but I never felt like I had developed a SOUL connection with the instrument.

Well, the rest is history. I did the teacher training and have been teaching this program for the past 13 ½ years. I have never been more excited to be sharing the GIFT of music with others. If I hadn’t made that phone call I wouldn’t be writing this today!

Is this one of those moments for you?

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