Have you ever believed something to be true that you found out later was not? Perhaps you have made assumptions about a particular person, place or thing only to find out later that the story you had made up in your mind was completely not the way you had perceived it.

I think we all manage to do this from time to time. In fact, once our mind is made up it is very difficult to change our world view as it can create a little bit of cognitive dissonance, can’t it?

Before I discovered this piano program, well over 13 years ago now, I always believed there was only one way to learn how to play the piano and that was the way that it had been taught for centuries. After all, it’s been tried and tested, right? Well, not necessarily.

If you are not prepared to consider alternatives then it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut which generally becomes quite a boring an unmotivating way to exist, in my opinion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with challenging old paradigms.

Once you have explored the other options in depth you may be quite pleasantly surprised. You may decide to go back to the old way things have always been done, which is fine, however don’t base your decision on one glance at the website or one piano lesson or even one year of piano lessons. Although the magic of this program is on display from the very beginning it sometimes takes longer to tend to and nurture the musical seedlings that are being planted along the way.

These seedlings take time to mature but when they do, they really do! 

I’ve only been back teaching for the past couple of days since the school holidays and already I’ve been hit with the power of the program, once again. One student played an intricate and beautiful song she had created herself using all the ‘pieces’ of the musical jigsaw puzzle she has been given over the years. It was actually a school project assigned last term and she said that the rest of the class wrote it in the key of C but because she has transposing knowledge she decided to write it in the key of Gb!

Another student had decoded the music of an entire pop song off the page and played it brilliantly at his first lesson back this week. Talk about gobsmacked. It was amazing to see the incredible effort he had put in over the break.

Another couple of beautiful little girls who have only recently commenced classes were double thumbs up and all smiles when I asked them how they were feeling about piano this week. It doesn’t get better than that. 

So, if any of this resonates with you and you would like to join this wonderful community here at Rhythm and Tunes Piano, email joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and I will be in touch with further details.

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