You don’t have to be perfect here.
You don’t have to fit together all fine.
You don’t have to know precisely where you are going.

You do have to trust me to take your hand and lead you where you would desire to go.

I know you’re apprehensive about reaching out and starting again. I know it’s not easy to come back after all these years. I know it can be daunting and you’re wondering if you could really make it work this time. After all when you were younger it just didn’t make much sense, did it, if you’re really honest with yourself. You just didn’t get it. You wanted to play freely but instead you laboured through all that black ink on the page and none of it ever really came together in a neatly tied package for you. It was all over the place, bitsy. You could ‘kind of’ see the logic but never to the extent that you hoped.

You certainly LOVE the idea of playing and experiencing your musicality. I hope you do know that you are musical and it had nothing to do with you that it didn’t work for you at that time. That you always needed your music to play anything. It’s not your fault! You can safely stop blaming yourself now. You’re smart, intelligent, technologically savvy (enough) and amazing so there is no reason why a different approach wouldn’t work for you. Please stop feeling like it is too late. It’s not! Why don’t you give it just one more try?

Just email me at with your best contact number and I will be in touch for a chat about possibilities for you.

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