Have you always thought that playing the piano was hard? That perhaps it was for those ‘gifted’ people. You tried as a kid but it didn’t really ‘gel’ with you. You LOVED the idea of being able to sit down and play beautifully like your friend, your mother or your next-door neighbour. However, it just felt arduous and difficult for you. You developed a belief that it might not ever be possible, even though you still had a burning desire to play.

I can certainly relate to things feeling like they would just be too hard for me to do. I ordered a box of ingredients this week that included 5 recipes. One of them involved cooking caramelised onion. I have only ever eaten caramelised onion in restaurants! I didn’t actually realise until I started reading the recipe, that I had always thought I wouldn’t be able to make something so delicious. I had built up a story in my mind that only ‘good cooks’ would be able to make something like that. Well, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I realised it was an extremely simple 3 step process. I actually feel a little silly revealing this to you because, of course, surely EVERYONE knows how to make caramelised onion and I must be the only person in the world who is ignorant about this process. Logically I know this is just not true.

I’m certain you will find the same thing with this program. The stories you have developed in your mind will slip away as you follow the step by step simple process of making beautiful music on the piano. It is not hard. It is not arduous. In actual fact, it is a process that simply requires a consistent commitment of 10-15 minutes per day and a pure love of music.

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