One of my 4 year old students must come close to being the happiest girl in the world. She bounces into her lesson each Tuesday full of energy and doesn’t stop giggling from the time she arrives to the when she leaves!

What an absolute delight she is to teach. Although her mum attends lessons with her it is mainly Dad who is in charge of practice at home so he has to learn the song of the week from the video. This is challenging for him as the video is meant as a supplemental resource to the lesson, not a teaching tool in itself. Nevertheless he is doing a really amazing job supporting his daughter at home.

Last week we learnt Beethoven’s Ode To Joy. The mum was telling me how she arrived home from her shift the other night around 11pm to hear piano playing wafting through the front door. She initially wondered if her daughter was still up but subconsciously knew she would be in bed by now. She walked in to find her husband at the piano trawling through the video for Ode To Joy. Feeling sorry for him she sat and helped him as she was the one who had been at the lesson. Before they knew it it was midnight before they got to bed! So funny. I couldn’t stop laughing as she was telling the story.

Now that’s parental commitment and dedication.

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