So last term we worked on a ‘special project’ whereby every child taking lessons in the studio came up with one or two words to describe what they VALUE about playing the piano. 

I was so surprised that we were able to come up with a whopping 65 words over the course of a few short weeks. It was such an exciting brainstorming session and quite funny how even though when some kid’s words had already been taken they were determined to come up with their own unique word to describe their musical experience so far. So here they are…

Happy I Creativity I Freedom I Confidence I Discovery I Mastery I Fun I

Amazing I Playing I Reward I Patience I Persistence I Learning I

Interesting I Musical I Beautiful I Knowledgeable I Balance I Wisdom I

Wonderful I Epic I Commitment I Resilience I Discipline I

Determination I Logic I Gift I Proud I Growth mindset I Thinking I

Exciting I Courage I Curiosity I Lovely I Sound I Inspire I

Fantastic I Great I Relaxing I Challenging I Experience I Surprise

Improvisation I Passion I Awesome I Results I Loveable I Excellent I

Building I Constructing I Exquisite I SO cool I Relaxing I Achievement I

Hard work I Love I Lovely I Experience I Passion I hashtag : )

Confidence I Results I

What a great list!

The goal was to have all of these words hanging over the piano in a Word Art picture by the end of the term. Well I should have known that was slightly ambitious as I ended up tripping over my technology skills and had to employ the talents of my 13 year old daughter to help me with the correct file formatting, so the picture wasn’t blurry.
Anyway, we have finally had it printed and it looks wonderful, if I do say so myself.

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