When we give a child a box of Lego they have two options.

They can either follow the instructions or build something out of their own imagination. Generally, us parents don’t have an issue with either course of action as we can see the value in both options. The first develops problem-solving skills and the second unleashes and fosters a sense of creativity which we all know this generation is going to need in bucket loads!

The same goes for play dough. We tend not to interfere with children’s decision making processes around whether they will use the instructions to make an ice-cream cake or make something from scratch that only involves what they see in their mind and a few tools.

Painting, art and craft – same thing!

Why is then when we sit them down at a musical instrument do we insist that they are allowed to ONLY follow the instructions!!! SURELY there is room for exploration and creativity in music AS WELL as the more formal theory. Here at Rhythm and Tunes Piano School when children are given permission to use the keyboard as their own personal musical playground MAGIC happens

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