It occurred to me recently that you might be wondering why I teach piano classes instead of private lessons. The number one reason is that I don’t enjoy teaching privately and I tend not to do what I don’t like as that doesn’t benefit you or anyone! I find teaching in a group situation provides an extremely dynamic and fun learning environment for kids and they are much more INSPIRED to succeed. Oh how I wish I had learnt with my friends instead of trudging off to yet another lesson all by myself.

So here are 5 reasons why I think the benefits of group lessons far outweigh those boring, stuffy old fashioned private arrangements.

#1 Traditionally, piano lessons are a very solitary experience—students come to lessons on their own, and then go home and practice on their own. Yet music is to be shared. Group lessons allow for and encourage this.

#2 Every lesson is a performance! Students get comfortable with playing in front of others, even when they don’t have it down perfectly or something is still in the process of being learned.

#3 Most things we learn to do in life, we learn with others.

#4 Private lessons underestimate or undervalue the importance of observatory learning.

#5 Private lessons can be intimidating—the student has to come up with all the answers on his own for the entire lesson—this means he can be on edge for the whole lesson. In the case of group lessons, the students get a chance for some “down time” to observe, allowing them to be in a relaxed state and just take in what they are watching. The students take turns at being the volunteer at the piano, and get a chance to “sit back” and learn from each other.

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