I hope you have had a great day and are enjoying the new year.
Have you made any resolutions? How are you going with them?

I’m still on holidays so have had plenty of time for reflection and some healthy naval gazing : )

I recall about eight years ago visiting an endless stream of health professionals complaining about my foot that had been increasingly becoming more numb. It was a weird sensation and obviously, I knew there was something wrong. I was told by a GP it was my sciatic nerve. A physio said I needed to exercise more (like his wife who had four small children and still managed to get out for a walk every day! NOT helpful). A podiatrist suggested orthotics. No-one suggested an MRI scan might be a good idea until I visited a young, fresh out of University doctor who booked me in for one immediately upon explaining my symptoms. Five minutes after the MRI the neurologist was on the phone booking an appointment to see me.

He said it wasn’t life threatening. I think that was supposed to make me feel better!

Well guess what. About a week before that scan I found out I was pregnant with my third child. You could have heard a pin drop when I told my husband haha but that’s another story.

SO there was nothing that could be done about the massive cyst the scan had highlighted in my spinal cord until she was born. This is what had been causing the numbness and so it progressively got worse throughout the pregnancy impacting most of my right side including my hand which, for a time, affected my piano playing. Good God, the grief I felt at that time about having to use so much more energy to play with the sensitivity and control I had believed was the ONLY way to play the piano. If it wasn’t perfectly executed it wasn’t worthwhile in my mind. What a BIG way to learn the lesson that perfectionism is damaging.

Everyone is musical and expresses that musicality in their very own unique way. Who are we to judge anyway. We can certainly guide, suggest and encourage students to strive for excellence, and we should, but the best results come from allowing people to be free to find their own musical voice within the framework of tuition.

I am eternally grateful for the incredible family support I had during this time. I had just moved to a new city and knew no-one. It was hard. Two months after giving birth I had five hours of decompression surgery to relieve the pressure on my spine.

It’s been a long journey back to full health. I still have some remnants of nerve damage remaining but I believe with continued exercise, mindset work and a really great health team even that will dissipate over time. This experience is largely why I post my morning walk photos as if I can inspire one person to look after their health then it’s worth the time and effort.
Without good health we certainly can’t achieve our goals.

As for my third child well the picture says it all.


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