Do you have children? If so did they learn a musical instrument as a child? And if the answer is yes, I’m curious to know if they still play. Was it a successful endeavour for them when you look back? What measures would you use to assess the answer to this question? It’s not always that they still play but perhaps that you have given them the ability to pick it up at any time in the future. Quite possibly they are busy with their own lives now but certainly have it top of mind for when they can carve out some time.

Today I witnessed my daughter purchase her first electric guitar.


It is not something I expected her to be the least bit interested in but to say I was wrapped that she is voluntarily CHOOSING music in her life after all the encouragement and (very adhoc) piano lessons I’ve given her over the years is an understatement. Although this has been my hope and dream for her it’s not about me and I knew there would come a time when she either accepted or rejected having music as a lifelong companion, which is the vision of the program I teach. She loves sitting at the piano and is still choosing various pieces to explore and I love listening to her sing and play. I know the time she has to spend on her music will ebb and flow as she gets busy with study, family etc but I think now, she will always come back as music whispers periodically that it can help her navigate through life.

What about you? Is it time to reconnect with that spark from your childhood? You learnt for a few years and always said you would come back to it but life has been busy. We can tend to put ourselves last as well giving everyone else a top priority. Well, I think there must come a time when it’s time for you to take that leap of faith and just jump.

Jump into losing yourself at the keyboard.

Jump into reconnecting with that part of your soul that has been starving for music.

Jump in, feet first, regardless of whether you think you can do it or not. Of course you can, if you don’t give up at the first hurdle!

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