Do you have a great, deep, yearning desire to do the things you love but are wondering how to find the time? Life just doesn’t stop, does it? So how on earth can we fit in the time it takes to hone a skill and invest some of our days in the things that make our hearts sing. 

Well, if you’re anything like me you would benefit from some accountability. I met with my finance manager this morning and the only reason I produced the reports that she would need for our meeting is because I had the deadline of the actual meeting time! So, deadlines can be a powerful tool. 

How do you actually DECIDE that now is your time?

Do you have enough energy to invest in the pursuit of reconnecting with your music? Do you gift yourself the right nutrition, minerals and vitamins to ensure you are firing on all cylinders when you wake up in the morning? Carving time out in your day is a practised habit. Routine is the cornerstone of success in any area. I suggest to my students that they tack their practice time onto something else they do every day that is already in their routine. You would never consider not taking a shower or brushing your teeth every day. Those things are non-negotiable! So why do you allow yourself to get away with not building a routine around the things you actually love to do? How important is this to you?

I was speaking with one of my 11-year-old students this week about finding the time for the things she loves to do. She loves her music. Especially creating her own compositions. She also loves to paint and draw. We talked about some intentions she could set herself over the holidays to expand in all these areas. Her goal for her painting, for example, was to get better at blending colours. We discussed ideas around how she could find the time to do what was necessary to achieve success in all these endeavours.

At the end of the day, only you can make the final decision. There is no point being half-arsed about it. You’re either all in or you are probably setting yourself up to fail. A little bit of self-sabotage can easily creep in. There is nothing worse than giving this love of your life, your music, only half your attention.

It DESERVES all of you.

It DESERVES for you to be lit up about it.

It DESERVES your undivided attention for a set-aside portion of your day.

It DESERVES to have all your focus for the little bit of time it takes to get better than you were the day before.

It DESERVES your commitment.

It DESERVES for you not to give up on it.

You don’t want to break up with it again.

It’s been there all this time for you. 


You want it to be a life-long partner this time, date nights to boot!

Something you can access when you’re feeling down.

Something that will keep you company in the hard times.

Something that will brighten your mood.

Every time.

Something that you live and breathe into others and are PROUD to show off to your family. You can’t wait for that surprised look to waft across their face as they digest what they are witnessing.

Your musicality on display.

You always had it in you, you just had to uncover it.

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