A few of my adult students got together last night for a Zoom Christmas concert. There is never any expectation for anyone to perform but I love it when people feel comfortable playing something for us. One gorgeous lady played and sang a Whitney Houston song. She has had many years of piano lessons as a child but said she didn’t have a clue what the chord symbols above the stave meant! Well, after travelling through the Music on Steroids program earlier this year now she does. She is currently studying voice and loves the fact that she has immediate access to music now via the chords to be able to accompany herself in singing.

I get SO excited when I hear these stories even though I’ve heard hundreds like this over the years. This system provides freedom at the keyboard well beyond anything I experienced in my childhood lessons!

Oh, and the brief was to continue on with our funny hat theme from the last couple of weeks, in case you’re wondering : )

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