Imagine you’re sitting at a café having a coffee and a chat with one of your best friends. You’re having a lovely time catching up on life in general sharing stories of what’s been going on with each of you since you last caught up.

Nothing odd about that.

Now imagine that all of a sudden, she leans over and asks you to repeat the last sentence you said with ‘feeling and expression’. I wonder how you would react to the request? Would you feel deflated? As if there is something wrong with you? Something wrong with the way you naturally express yourself and talk?! Probably. It’s insulting, isn’t it, and actually quite rude.

Well, music is just another language where we are quite capable of expressing ourselves exactly as we see fit. When you CREATE your own music you actually get to choose. No one else can bang on about how you should play it because it belongs to YOU. I’m guessing you want to play in a way that talks to you. You can have a wonderfully gleeful time tinkering around with it and interpret it however the hell you like. It’s yours and yours only. No one else gets to comment unless you INVITE them to have an opinion.

You are free to interpret as you like.

You are free to design it as you like.

You are free to ‘colour it in’ the way you like.

You are free to use it to process any emotion you damn well like.

When you create your own music, you don’t have to listen to all the so-called experts.

YOU become the expert because this creation has grown inside you. It belongs to you. It’s all yours to mould and bend into any shape you like. In fact, you don’t even have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to.

No one is going to tell you it’s not good enough because how on earth would they know about something that is a tapestry of your experiences.

Your life history.

Your highlights.

Your hard times.

Your breakups.

Your grief.

Your celebrations.

Your milestones.

Your disappointments.

Your successes.

Your roaring reactions to your life.

No one has a right to an opinion of how you express yourself musically.

Remember that.

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