Do you ever find that it is sometimes a bit hard to get out of a rut that you are currently living within? Same old stuff happens every day at a particular time so much so you could set your watch by the sheer boredom of it all. Now, I’m not saying routine isn’t important. I talk to my students all of the time about playing the piano at exactly the same time every day. What I am saying is that why not change things around within the framework of your daily commitments such as playing the piano.

For example, every evening I have a meal. Of course, we all have to eat! It’s a daily activity. Well, I did something a little different with my family on Sunday night. We would normally eat together at the dining table but my youngest daughter wanted to have a picnic. Ugh! I thought. A picnic on a school night. It felt like too much effort. Part of me just wanted the drudgery of the normal routine as I thought it would be easier. In actual fact, the suggestion inspired my eldest daughter to cook, a to die for, frittata mid-afternoon that was ready by 5pm. We took it straight from the oven and were down on the bank of the creek outside our local library, merely five minutes away, not long after. So easy and there was no washing up.

Similarly, I have been thinking about how even though this program shows you how to play the piano it is so different to the way you have probably learnt previously. If that way worked for you and you learnt everything about music you wanted to and you still happily play every day then there is probably no point reading any further: )


If life in general stole your musical dreams.

If you are looking for an easier way.

If you want a less confusing way to learn and understand the infrastructure of music

If you want a framework to work within that makes sense

If you want structure so you have a step-by-step plan to follow

If you want something as simple as colouring by numbers

If you want to play beautiful, great sounding music immediately without worrying about all the black dots for a while

If you want to experience FREEDOM at the keyboard

If you want to (secretly) impress people with your playing. It’s OK, that’s allowed!

If you want friendship with others on the same musical path and wavelength as you

If you want to explore the very inner workings of music so you can turn it upside down, inside out and round and round to make it your very own

Something just for YOU

Something you can immerse yourself in and shut out the whole world for a while

Something that would comfort you in hard times

Something that would nurture you and help you to continue to grow in all areas of your life

Something that would replace the void that you fell sometimes

Something that would help you with your memory

Something that would help you articulate and express yourself better

Something that just makes sense in your brain

Then why not reach out and see if I can help you.

Let’s face it you were bored with the old way.

You were uninspired with that approach to music.

You have been looking for something different.

A fresh approach.

Perhaps you had years of lessons as a child and you still can’t sit down and play music without those black dots in front of you.

You aren’t interested in that way anymore.

You have let go of any attachments you ever had to that way of learning.

You are ready for an approach that will have you playing music from memory immediately from your very first lesson.

You are ready to TRUST this process.

Come with me.

Walk this journey with me.

Let me guide you along a different path.

I will shine the light for you. You won’t know what’s ahead but you will know it is worth waiting for.

You are willing to put your full trust in the process and know I have your best intentions at heart.

Why not take the very first step towards achieving this outcome? To find out more and book an introductory session, email me at

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