My daughter made this little pot for me and gave it to me for mothers day this year. We are currently getting some painting done and so I have been moving things around to make way for the painters. As I picked it up and read all the glorious little messages she wrote and admired the pretty love hearts she had drawn it struck me that I hadn’t looked at it at this level when she first gave it to me. You know what it’s like on the morning of mothers day. So much excitement and hustle and bustle with kids vying for your attention. I found myself ENJOYING that moment of wonder, awe and gratitude as I saw it in a new way, a different way to how I had seen it at first glance.

It reminded me of the conversations I have with students all the time about how our objective in lessons is to eventually look at music differently, through another lense. I remind them that even though they may already be able to sight read easily they are not seeing the music at a level that will bring them a sense of freedom from the page. They need to go through a process of discovering how to look ‘underneath’ the notes. To lift those notes off the page, hold them up to the light and absorb them into their entire being.
THAT is what music is all about, after all.

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