Recently I asked my adult students how they feel when they can play a piece of music without thinking. When they just ‘get it’ and don’t have to think about where their fingers need to go anymore, it is just automatic for them. I was blown away by the words they used to describe this experience. They said they feel











Wow! Wow! Wow!

I knew this was a great way to learn but these responses helped me understand further the unique experience it is to be able to PLAY music from memory without worrying about squinting at sheet music.

You have a sense that there is something brewing. You’re not quite sure what it is but you know it is GOOD. There is something waiting for you, reaching out to you asking that you take the risk to jump and REINSPIRE yourself at the keyboard. You know you want to. You know it’s the next step for you but you are uncertain about taking that leap even though you need to do it.

You know you can’t keep saying no to that voice in your head.

Saying no means staying the same.

Saying no means, you don’t move forward towards your dream of reconnecting with the piano.

Saying no means denying yourself at that deepest place that is begging you to be brave and step outside of your comfort zone. What you know and what you are familiar with.

Of course, it is a bit scary to make the change to something SO different but, admit it, the thought of it is also EXHILARATING!

Saying no means shutting down POSSIBILITY.

Saying no means, you shut down a brand-new AWARENESS.

Saying no means, you deny that aspect of yourself that has been hungering to return to your musical self.

Saying no means, you cease to live the fullness of YOU.

Saying no to that part of yourself that is screaming for change.

Screaming for re-alignment

Screaming for connection

Screaming for transformation

Screaming for change

Screaming to make a difference

Screaming to ponder all that is new

Screaming to move away from what was into what could be.

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