A couple of weeks ago we had a family ‘open mic’ on Zoom. It was fun and I was very happy to see my kids excited about putting a performance together. We enjoyed playing The Beatles ‘Let It Be’ with my youngest daughter on the keyboard, my eldest daughter on guitar and my son on harmonica. We all attempted to sing! You probably won’t see us on the world stage any time soon but for me, it demonstrated how important it is to have something to work towards in order to feel motivated to practise. How important it is to have a deadline in order to just ‘get it done’.

There are a number of other things I have thought about since, that also contribute to a similar feeling of motivation, momentum and ENJOYMENT if you want to learn how to reconnect with the piano using this program.

You definitely need to be committed.

You definitely need to want it so much that you prioritise it.

You definitely need to want it more than I want it for you!

You definitely need to immerse yourself in the process to get the results.

You definitely need to TRUST the process.

You definitely need to be convinced that it is possible for you.

You definitely need to be open to a new and different way of doing music at the keyboard. ie you must not be stuck in an old mindset that says “this is the way music ‘should’ be learnt”.

You definitely need to do the work.You definitely need to build a solid foundation by learning 30-50 songs and pieces from memory before returning to sheet music again. Be prepared to see things you have never seen before when you do!

You definitely need to be consistent.

You definitely need to persevere (yes, even when it feels a little tricky! You will get there as long as you don’t give up).

You definitely need to be willing to implement a daily routine and do ALL of the homework, not just your favourite bits.

You definitely must LOVE the thought of all of this.

It really is quite a euphoric feeling when you can play something on the piano today that you couldn’t yesterday. It is a sense of achievement and accomplishment like no other. When everything comes together and it no longer feels slow and awkward but easy and fluid and without a thought.

So, get ready!!!
Set the stage.

Organise a space for yourself where all this music magic is going to happen. Tell your family what you are doing and have them on board. Prepare yourself for a wild ride through a kaleidoscope of musical knowledge, framework and structure that will provide you with the foundation for so much spontaneity and CREATIVITY.

If there is one thing we need right now it is the ability to improvise, to think on the spot, to invent creative ways to operate differently.

We will get your fingers dancing across the keys in no time but you need to be ready.

Ready for FUN.

Ready for SURPRISE.


Ready for a different PERSPECTIVE.

Ready for a bucket load of KNOWLEDGE.

Ready for a tapestry of unique musical threads of GOLD.

Ready to move into a world of UNDERSTANDING music.

Ready for ‘AHA’ moments.

Ready to complete that musical puzzle you began so long ago that you could never quite piece together.

Ready for

Ready for a life that includes finally accessing that lost musical part of yourself that you thought was gone forever.
Well, it’s not. It is still there begging you to acknowledge it. Begging you to begin. Begging you to SUCCEED.

NOW is the time.
Now is YOUR time!

Join me for a Free Introductory Session. I will walk you through the programs I offer and we can determine if this is what you have been waiting for your entire life : )

Just email through your best contact number to joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au and I will be in touch with all the details of how to connect.

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