Are you feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment? Perhaps even a bit flat with all that is going on. It’s not a great feeling and you can come up with all sorts of reasons as to why you shouldn’t be feeling this way. You are normally a very happy, healthy and VIBRANT personality. It’s all just starting to get to you, isn’t it? I’m feeling a bit the same. It might have something to do with the sudden change to dark, cold winter weather here but I suspect it’s also because our lives really have come to a sudden halt. It’s like the brakes have been slammed on unexpectedly and we haven’t got our bearings yet to keep going.

I am the eternal optimist and keep looking for the silver linings of this pandemic but tonight I am just feeling sad, and that’s ok. I’m sad for the loss of what was and could have been. The world has changed. The key, for me, is pure acceptance of that feeling rather than fighting it. It’s certainly a valid way to feel and I intend to wade through it as best I can. Tomorrow is yet another day of opportunity to live INTENTIONALLY in this rapidly changing ‘new normal’.

A thought struck me this week in one of my classes…

I am really pleased with the fact I have something to offer that can distract students from all that is going on. I was talking a student through a section of music and he was 100% engrossed in the process. The thought struck me that if he didn’t have music as something that could keep his mind completely occupied in that moment then he may have spent that time worrying about all manner of things. Sometimes we just need something to focus on to take our mind off things.

We can certainly feel as though all we can do is keep our heads above water and breath in the little oxygen that is available in between kicking our way up to the surface again. We can also fall into the belief that that little bit of oxygen is all we have to exist on. But we have to challenge this idea that oxygen is limited. There is plenty for everyone! It is in limitless supply.

I wonder if this is how you feel about music? That you have been left with the crumbs but you just know there is so much more than what you were ever exposed to. You are thinking there is only just enough musical goodness for you and someone else more talented, more gifted, more whatever, gets to have the rest.

Well, it’s not true.

Perhaps you grieve for what you missed out on but just because you learnt one way that did not provide you with the knowledge and experience you are craving does not mean that it is not available to you. It is not too late for you to enter into a world of limitless musical possibility.

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