I was quite thrilled (and a little emotional) to receive this message over the weekend. This particular student is one determined lady who has followed the step by step instructions as laid out in this program and achieved exactly what she set out to achieve. Onwards and upwards from here as she discovers so much more than she even could have imagined during her travels through the next streams of the curriculum.

So, if there is anything I would say to you today it is don’t give up on your dream of returning to your music. It’s so easy for that little part of us to shut down and gag our desires and yearnings. Please don’t listen to that voice. It thinks it’s doing you a favour by keeping you in a nice, safe and cosy comfort zone bubble.

Wouldn’t you just love to cut through the layers and complexity that you have been conditioned to believe, which is that music is hard?

Well, I’ve got news for you. Music is simple when you look at it through this lens. It baffles me that we have made it so difficult for ourselves over the centuries.

What if you could engage your mind into something that is meditative but also intellectually stimulating.

Please note, this will require that you use your memory. Whatever you do, don’t tell me you have a bad memory. 

I won’t believe you!!! 

You probably, like most people, have an untrained memory. How about you do something that may well improve your recall abilities, keep your brain healthy and have it firing on all cylinders. There is nothing worse than brain fog. What if this process could keep your mind sharp and nimble and you could ENJOY yourself at the same time.

Let’s face it, things aren’t really great for many at the moment. Wouldn’t it be nice and fast forward into 2021? Perhaps you could use this process to escape into another world for a while, away from all the worries and distractions. 

A world where the time is set aside, just for you.

A world of solitude and focus so you can absorb a new way of learning.

A world of mindfulness.

A world of brain training and the creation of new neural pathways and connections.

A world that allows you to reconnect with your music that seems to have been lost along the way but the embers are still burning, waiting and seeing if you end up reconnecting with that absolute love of the piano.

You have always loved it. In fact, your heart skips a beat whenever you walk into a showroom of grand pianos.

There is a majestic beauty about the instrument.

If only you could make it sing and in doing so heal from those little traumas that have all piled up over the years. What if the music was the medicinal injection to find yourself again. Wouldn’t it be nice to just feel settled for a while? 


At peace. 


Ready for the next step, and the next. 

Excited again.


On track.



Ready to take your newfound enthusiasm to the world.

Is this something you are interested in! Then email joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and I will be in touch!

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