Here’s a video I recorded of how we can create a new sound by combining left and right hands of different pieces and songs. This is one of the many magical components of my program that gets you exploring the keyboard and playing freely. I made a mistake playing one of the pieces in this video and could easily have deleted it and redone it. However, I wanted to demonstrate to you that there is always room for a fresh start and it really doesn’t matter what’s gone before you can always start again! Oh, and piano teachers are human just like you!

Is it time to REVITALISE your spirit?

Are you looking for this new fresh start?

Something different to your normal daily grind.

Something that makes you feel alive and like life is worth living.

Maybe it’s well time you let go of the old and began to pave a BRILLIANT road to musical freedom.

Your old ways are finished now. They have served their purpose but you don’t need them anymore.

There is another way!

A way that will draw you closer to your desire to express yourself.

A way that connects you to that deep desire to just play.

A way that makes you answer “YES” to that question “What if I could do it”.

What if you could actually do it.

What if it was possible for you and not just those supposedly ‘gifted’ people.

What if it was something you could easily fit into your life.

What if, now that you have the time, you could actually do this and achieve results.

A fresh new start.

Time to start over.

It’s time to leave the old behind you. It may have served you up until this point but you can be free of it now. It has been like a ball and chain if you’re actually honest with yourself. You can cut it loose now. There is no more need to hold yourself back to old methods and ideologies. You are ALLOWED to think differently. You are allowed to start something that doesn’t fit into that old paradigm you have been carrying around. It’s a heavy burden to keep carrying it.

It’s not worth it.

Let it go.

Be free of it.

You don’t need it anymore.

You can start afresh.

A brand new system.

A brand new sunny day. No time like today to make a decision to take a step forward into your new musical life.

Cut it loose and come with me and we will travel a road together you never thought possible.

So, tell me again what are you waiting for? Email me at to find out more about my programs.

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