Sometimes, even though I know I should be doing something that I am being guided to do I still don’t do it. I know shock, horror! It’s hard, isn’t it, following that inner compass and following through on all that it is asking of you.

I am currently working on a significant project that involves an incredible amount of self-discipline. Do I feel like doing it, no, not always. Do I think it’s important, yes. Do I love it when I get into the flow of it? Yes, definitely. The truth is I have to parent myself around this because there is no-one else who can do it for me. I have to do my own push-ups, so to speak. As much as I would like a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and do it all for me it ain’t going to happen. In fact, what it involves is just taking that next best step. No fireworks display with writing in the sky to tell me how to proceed or give me the entire answer.

Are you waiting for a sign?

Well, this might just be it!

Here it is..

“Stop waiting for the right time and just do it!”

You know as well as I do that there is no right time. There is only now.

Take the plunge.

Take the risk.

I know it’s hard but

you might just fall into an ocean of musical knowledge, fulfilment and MAGNIFICENCE you never thought would be possible for you.

What if you could do it?

What if you took a leap of faith and then ANOTHER leap of faith. What if that bravery took you to a place you have been dreaming of all these years and you don’t even have to leave your lounge room.

A place where it all makes sense.

A place where all the pieces of the puzzle come together and you are finally able to see the big picture. A place where you can reside and just be you at the keyboard or your piano without worrying what anyone else might think about your playing. This time it’s just for you, not some examiner telling you whether your musical or not.

Are you sitting on the edge of a decision?

Is it safe for you to say no once again.

Screw safety!

Take a wild on the wild side for a change. Take that risk. It might work! Move out of that comfort zone you have created for yourself which is, yes, safe but, c’mon admit it, also slightly boring.

So, if you

need something new.

need something intellectually stimulating.

need something to pass the time in an ENJOYABLE way.

need something that inspires.

need a change.

need some sparkle back in your life

need a reason.

need a goal.

need community.

need a beautiful sense of achievement and accomplishment.

need to WAKE UP to the call of your musical soul

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