I had a euphoric moment in a class on Saturday. A student surprised me with playing beautifully through three whole pages of sheet music, without any help from me! I didn’t even know she had been working on anything outside the curriculum as she hasn’t finished the reading programs yet. I have become familiar with this incredible moment over the years. As we journey through the program students can sometimes wonder where it is all leading. As they haven’t travelled this path before it is easy for them not to realise that they are laying incredibly strong foundations and that generally amazing results like this tend to happen out of nowhere, all of a sudden. If you can imagine a stock market graph with a sudden very high spike, that’s what these moments are like. We have quite a few of them during this entire process of moving towards an exciting musical future.

This student did the work.

Students who get these kind of very exciting results

EMBRACE the methodology and follow it according to how it is delivered.

They don’t make excuses.

They don’t procrastinate.

They don’t give up at the first sign of resistance.

They don’t think that because they feel restless at times there is something wrong, but rather dig into it as they know there is generally a message there for them.

They don’t complain.

They don’t pike out.

They don’t quit even if it is difficult and even if they are a bit bored at times.

They don’t listen to people who tell them that they should quit and just forget about their dream of playing.

They don’t defy logic by failing to put the work in to get the results.

They don’t stand for mediocrity but put their best efforts in


They don’t give in to the questioning around whether it is really worth it. Of course, it is worth it!

They don’t accept anything but their very best from themselves.

They don’t have a shopping list of reasons why they can’t do it!

They don’t blame others.

They don’t accept that “good enough” is the absolute BEST they can do.

They don’t stand by and watch their life wither away without fulfilling their purpose and dream of playing music.

How about you?

What if you committed to

NO MORE doubt.

NO MORE reluctance.

NO MORE worrying about whether this is the right thing. It is!

No MORE getting distracted with other things.

NO MORE fear you can’t do it. Of course, you can!

NO MORE putting it off for another time. Another time never eventuates.

NOW is the time.

You don’t get this time back.

Once it is gone, it is gone.

Please don’t collect regrets.

Get in touch today. Email joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and I will give you a call to get you all booked in for a complimentary introductory session. You have to make sure you love it before you commit to it.

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