Do you often put yourself last? Are others more of a priority to you than yourself? We have been taught that it’s selfish to not put others needs before our own. This idea has been burned into our psych and to be honest I’m not sure how healthy it is. Why does it even have to be an either/or question anyway. Is it not possible to do both with a little bit of planning and balance? I recall when my first child was born and I was attending the meetings for new mums that the local council organised. The nurse presenting at one of these meetings explained how important it was to put our own oxygen masks on first otherwise we would be of no help to our baby. It has stayed with me all these years and I still firmly believe that unless we are we are looking after ourselves on a physical, emotional and spiritual level we really aren’t going to be much good to anyone. Of course, we need to assist others but surely with a spirit of joy that has come about due to investing into ourselves.

So, if you have been dreaming of the day that you will finally have time to sit at your piano or keyboard again and play freely and easily, isn’t it about time you just took the plunge.

You can’t turn back the clock. As each day passes it is gone, forever. That’s one more day you have denied yourself the pleasure of musical self-expression.

What are you actually waiting for anyway?

What if you did DESERVE to put yourself first for a while.

What if you could still serve others as well as yourself?

What if the idea that you don’t have time was just a story in your mind? You don’t have time you make time.

What if you are as WORTHY of this as the next person?

What if it was quite possible to put 10-15 minutes aside each day to invest in your musical future?

What if you removed all the barriers you have been unconsciously erecting and


Honestly, you won’t look back. You will have the opportunity to play many different styles and genres of music from memory without worrying about all the black dots on the page for a while.

Your family and friends will be impressed!

In this changing and uncertain world music could be your saviour.

Music could help you to take your mind off things.

Music could provide solace away from all the drama.

Music could lead you to a place of calm.

Maybe you have been waiting and watching for the ‘right time’. Well, when is the right time? Yesterday? Tomorrow?


Today is the right time. This very moment is the right time. Don’t put it off any longer. You are one day older and will be another day older tomorrow. There is never a ‘right’ time.

There is only the time to DECIDE.

Make a decision now that you really can’t wait any longer. Today is the day.

What if your piano was human?

It is in pristine condition.

It is beckoning.

It is waiting.

It is hoping.

It is praying for you to spend some time with it.

Do you really want this to be an unrealised dream?

Do you really want another day to pass without taking any action?

Do you really want to give up completely on this desire to play again?

Do you really want to ignore the niggling voice in the back of your head for any longer? It’s there for a reason and you know you really want to.

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