I have just printed ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Bob Dylan. I absolutely love and adore this song. Adele has done a cover of it which is just gorgeous.

Look it up!

So, this is my new project. I want to be able to play this song from memory. So, this is my public accountability statement that gives you permission to check in with me anytime in the next month to see how I’m going with this goal. It has 46 bars so I have worked out that if I do between 1 – 3 bars per day it should take me about 30 days to decode and memorise. I could probably do it quicker but I need to slot 10-15 minutes on it per day into an already busy schedule.

So, what do you want, musically?

Would you like to have a playlist of your favourite songs that you can sit down and play anywhere, on any piano, anytime?

Would you like to be able to play these songs expressively and beautifully so the way you play them touches people’s hearts in a way they have never been broken open before?

Would you like to feel like you are almost on automatic pilot when you play them that it seems effortless?

Would you like the time to elapse unnoticeably so you lose track of time. You are so immersed in your music that you actually become the sound because there is nothing else in your world in that moment?

Would you like to be so focused that you lose yourself in the stimulation of what you are doing?

Would you like your music to ignite a SPARK in you so bright and so loud and so hauntingly beautiful it takes your breath away?

Would you like the deep power of each note to provide endless possibilities, giving you the FREEDOM and choice to play however the way you please.


Well why not join me for a Free “Reignite Your Love Affair With The Piano” Introductory Session. We can work out how this can be possible for you. Just email me at joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and I’ll be in touch to book you in.

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