Where are you supported in your daily life?

In your marriage?

In your friendships?

At your church?

By your children?

In various community organisations?

Now, think, what does it feel like to be surrounded by people who care about you and your wellbeing? People who give you a helping hand when you need it. People who encourage you to be the best you can be. Pretty good, I would guess.

I wonder if we can get a bit more specific. Can you think of a particular time when you felt as though it was good to have someone on speed dial, just in case you needed them?

As someone who lost their entire family at birth due to adoption, sometimes I can feel a little ‘wobbly’. I believe we all have a deep seeded, ancestral longing to ‘belong’ to our clan, our tribe, our heritage, our bloodline. Adoption strips children of this fundamental human right. The Australian government apologised to those impacted by forced adoption in 2013. There was some funding provided for those affected and I have taken advantage of this and received some counselling around the trauma I experienced by being removed from my mother. We used to think that babies wouldn’t remember this experience, but, I’m here to tell you, they do.

I felt supported during this experience. As I worked through the extensive issues that adoptees have to contend with it was good to have someone I could contact if I needed. She would respond within 24 hours and I received the guidance and hand holding I needed at that time.

What it got me thinking about is how with piano, most of the time, people attend their lesson, they get given their homework and then it’s sink or swim until the next lesson. You get hammered into you that you need to spend hours practising. I advocate for just 10 minutes a day in the initial stages of this program because it’s all about the quick wins to start with, honing the passion for music and using that as a vehicle to drive you forward. This provides you with the electric momentum that will see you succeed.

Unfortunately, most methodologies involve pushing you to the next exam and the next exam and then the next eisteddfod etc constantly being judged as to whether you’re good enough. Well you are good enough and you don’t need anyone else to tell you that it is possible for you to be able to play beautifully.

What if I could give that support I received from my counsellor? Are you feeling nervous about reaching out? Well, I was too. I was even nervous about sharing this story with you and feel a bit sick at the thought of clicking to send this email.

Are you wondering if you really could return to piano after all these years? Was your last experience trying to learn how to play intimidating?

Well, can you imagine having unlimited support for 5 whole weeks as you journey through your dream of making music again, INSTANTLY! You will be supported through this entire time so you can achieve the outcome of being able to play several beautiful songs and pieces. Not to mention being surrounded by likeminded people who are sharing this entire experience with you. Welcome to Piano-On-Speed-Dial!

You just want to play for yourself. You are not necessarily headed for the world concert stage so you certainly don’t want to be doing hours and hours of scales. Your piano has been sitting there for years untouched, unopened. Don’t you think it’s time to give it some tender loving care? After all it has patiently waited for you to finally decide that the time is right for you to fulfil that request from that little voice inside your head that says “maybe one day”. It has been a mere whisper for so long but recently you are finding it harder and harder to ignore. It is there for a reason. It has a message for you. Are you going to keep ignoring its desire for you and wait until it’s too late?

Join me live for a Free Introductory Session to find out more about this Piano-On-Speed-Dial program Just email your best contact number to joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au and I will be in touch with al the details.

Your time is now!

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