I was thinking this week about how I got stuck in a lift many years ago. I have no idea why this memory popped up in my mind but it was quite a stressful experience, as I’m sure you can imagine.

I was working as a volunteer at a guest house called Ecce Homo in the middle of the old city of Jerusalem. It was a rickety, 200 year old, French lift that I used regularly to carry out my work. Well one night it just stopped. The doors opened and I had brick walls in every direction! Needless to say, I felt quite panicked. I called (screamed) up to the next level where I knew some of the guests would be sitting having their dinner and luckily someone heard me.


nobody knew how to manually wind the lift the rest of the way, which is apparently what needed to be done. The only person that could help me was the maintenance man and he lived miles away in Palestine. It took him an entire 4 hours to get through the Israeli checkpoints at that time of night to finally come and rescue me!

I wonder if this is how you are feeling at the moment. A little bit stuck like there is a barrier preventing you from moving around as freely as you are used to, surrounded by four walls.

It has dawned on me over the years that this is how I used to feel about reading music. I didn’t realise it at the time but the sheet music was acting as a barrier between me and my ability to EXPLORE and move freely around the keyboard in my own way without being given such a strict set of instructions all the time. It prevented me from developing a ‘soul’ connection with the instrument.

THEN, I found this program which

gives you permission to explore and create

challenges you

lights a fire inside you that you can’t put out, and indeed do not want to put out

allows you to be yourself at the keyboard

allows you to make mistakes.

Glorious mistakes! They are the seeds of creativity.

gives you something you never dreamed possible – the freedom to CREATE.

provides you with musical depth, knowledge you never thought you would be able to absorb so easily.



It EXPONENTIALLY increases your musical awareness of concepts from an intelligent well laid out step by step methodology that is very simple to follow, if followed.

You must be prepared to follow it. It’s not possible to take bits and pieces and only work on those ‘favourite’ things. Sorry, not sorry. That would be like building a house and missing a few bricks, which would not make any sense whatsoever. I am here to help you avoid any self-sabotage that would have you just ‘picking the eyes’ out of the program because EVERY STEP MATTERS. Otherwise, down the track, what you are doing is asking me to place a roof on that house and with no stable walls. I’m pretty good but I’m not that good haha

So, be prepared to commit to ACHIEVING what you never thought was possible and let that musical fire within reignite your relationship with the instrument.

ALLOW magic

Give yourself PERMISSION to move outside your comfort bubble of safety and security of the music notes. Seriously, it’s FUN on the other side ENGAGING in the ride of your life.

Be prepared to commit to loving yourself enough to GIFT yourself with the incredible power and knowledge that this program provides.

Don’t be surprised if you feel gleeful to the point of being THUNDERSTRUCK!!!

Also, don’t be surprised if this program allows you to access a part of you that you never thought would see the light of day.

If you’d like to find out more, email me at joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and I’ll be in touch to discuss the possibilities with you.

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