Are you getting a bit fed up?

I am so tired of listening to people criticise, even though I can tend to criticise with the best of them.

I’m sick of listening to the whinging, even though I could win any competition in this area hands down.

I am over the negativity about how everything is being handled, even though I can easily communicate negativity too.

I don’t want to listen to the ongoing stream of people twisting other’s words, even though I can be an expert in this area as well.

So, I am choosing to create a schedule and routine that involves a very heavy dose of creativity which I know will fuel peace and alignment as we attempt to traverse this terrain of the unknown. I will live within this framework for as long as need be as I know it will provide a sense of stability and certainty. In my experience if I am feeling ‘wobbly’ it is imperative I find something in my life that I can have some certainty around to help me feel more grounded.

It’s not my or your business what people say and do but in the same way that we are being asked to social distance from each other physically why don’t we

Choose to social distance from fear.

Choose to social distance from negativity.

Choose to social distance from whinging.

Choose to social distance from sensationalism.

Choose to social distance from anything that is not in the interests of your mental health!!!

It is a precious commodity that requires protection.

I read a Facebook post from another teacher today and she has chosen to use her self-isolation time to immerse herself in all that was and still is Chopin – his life, his music, his sense of connection with his own creative self. Call me a musical nerd but I couldn’t think of anything more exciting to have the time to do. I spent some time musing as to whether I would personally choose Chopin, as much as I love his music. I have to say Bach is my most favourite composer. He is efficient, tidy, analytical, disciplined, mathematical, precise and structured. All attractive qualities, in my mind although I fall short of all of them! He certainly writes within a well-defined framework at the same time implying magnificent spontaneity.

Hmmm, decision decisions.

Who would you choose?

Have you thought about what you are going to do with the extra time that has been provided to you as a result of social distancing? I would love for you to share your thoughts.

If you have always dreamed about returning to your music at the piano, email me at with your best contact number and I can give you a call to discuss the possibilities for you.

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