Are you someone who tends to put themselves last? Do you tend to look after everyone else and attend to your needs when you have a quick spare moment? I’ve noticed lots of people tend to do this and I often wonder what leads them to put themselves last all the time. Of course, I understand attending to others, it is a human need in itself and we all have responsibilities.

I suppose what I’m curious about is the temptation to only look after others to the detriment of our own wellbeing. I think there needs to be some kind of ebb and flow balance. It’s hard to strike this balance though, isn’t it? I know for myself with a busy family and business I often wonder how I’m going to fit everything into the day sometimes, let alone taking some time out for myself.

Many of my students are involved in numerous activities. One of the conversations we have had in the studio this week, with some classes, is protecting our practise time. It is so easy for other, seemingly more urgent, things to take over and all too quickly our opportunity to connect with the piano each day and enjoy the fruits of that consistent effort can very easily evaporate. I know this isn’t what they want as on the most part they have experienced the immense reward of regular attention to it. I actually don’t think it is always necessarily about the length of time either but rather making it a routine and sticking with it just like we would brush out teeth or cook dinner every day.

The reality is you need to do what creates a sense of WHOLENESS in you. This is fundamental to a healthy outlook and that amazing feeling you get from making progress. Sometimes that means asking others to wait and committing to a specific time each day when you are going to IMPROVE on your current level of skill at whatever it is that lights YOU up and connects you with that feeling of accomplishment and achievement. It really is so exciting to continually achieve an extraordinary level of growth.

And I think what you will find is that all those people you are currently serving will begin to appreciate you and start to take notice. In actual fact they need you to take the lead and show them the possibilities.

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