Do you ever wonder why it takes you so long to ‘get around’ to doing something? Then once you actually do it you wonder why you waited all that time? For ages, I have had random thoughts of planting a vegetable garden in our back yard. I love the idea of sharing this experience with the kids. The whole process of preparing, planting, waiting and producing our very own home grown veggies is exciting and fosters a sense of anticipation.

So, this year I decided I had to, at the very least, just START the process. I had no idea what to do first. After asking around for some advice we decided to just start composting in the area where we intended to plant. This involved digging a whole and starting to bury some of our scraps. That’s it!!! All that time wasted thinking it was going to be a time intensive activity. Of course, we are nowhere near planting but we are on our way and have taken a step towards the final outcome.

How many things do you put off, that you REALLY want to do, because you think there just isn’t enough time. Is that really true or a story that you are telling yourself? Why do you have to wait? Why can’t you just start now, today! How hard is it? How many more reasons disguised as justification for non-action are you going to give yourself for not starting what you have been putting off – today? Is there just one thing you can do to take a step forward?

This week I launched a 30 day challenge for children who attend lessons here at Rhythm & Tunes Piano School. This requires students to play the piano for 30 days in a row in order to win a prize at our annual Winter Piano party. There is actually ample time for them to complete two rounds of this challenge, which means they would win two prizes. I know some of these kids will rise to this challenge and no doubt a few of them will complete the two rounds. I’ve seen their incredible dedication before, in past years. In actual fact, they put me to shame with their practise rigour! I find the enthusiasm they exhibit is contagious and learn so much from them as they navigate their way through this experience. If they miss one day they have to start again so it is a huge learning curve for some of them. I can’t wait to see the amazing results I know they will produce as part of this exercise.

SO, if they can find the time surely we can as well. As they fall into the routine they will feel more and more excited about the amazing progress they are making and harvest the fruits of their efforts.

It is a similar concept to our veggie garden. I actually feel a little silly telling you how such a simple thing as a hole in the ground has caused so much enthusiasm in our household, especially with my two younger children (the eldest tends to look at us strangely). It has become a ritual that is engraved in our morning routine now, taking the scraps down to the hole. It gives me a few precious moments out in the fresh air with them. This is all about carving out practices for things that fuel us and fuels our soul.

What are you going to do today that you have been putting off, not just for weeks or months but perhaps even years?! If it happens to be reigniting your love affair with the piano then I want to help you. Just email me at with your best contact number and I’ll give you a call to discuss some possibilities with you.

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