1. For centuries most traditional piano teachers have insisted students learn how to read music as a means of playing the piano. This is the equivalent of expecting a newborn baby or toddler to read and write before they can speak! Quite ludicrous.

2. Children LOVE making stuff! Most traditional piano teachers have little or no creativity built into their lessons. They have rarely been taught to create their own music so they are unable to show your child how to compose or improvise or connect with their own inner sense of musical creativity. Your child will never develop the freedom or confidence to move away from those black dots on the page and they will get bored! Very bored!

3. Most traditional piano teachers will not teach you how to read from a lead sheet and accompany yourself playing your favourite song. Kids want to play the music that is familiar to them not necessarily dead people’s music as nice as we think that might be.

4. Most traditional piano teachers will not show you how to creatively arrange a song differently from the original version and have more fun with it.

5. Finally, most traditional piano teachers only teach boring, stuffy old fashioned one on one private lessons. Children would much prefer to learn with their peers in a group situation where they are constantly learning from each other and ENJOYING themselves.

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