I’ve been reminiscing lately about my musical journey since I discovered this very different way of PLAYING the piano. As I think back over the past 10 years or so, when I was introduced to this approach, I marvel at the amount of satisfaction I’ve had from teaching this method and the incredible results I regularly see students achieving. When I used to teach using the traditional methodology I honestly can’t say I was on fire with passion for sharing my music with others. I’ve always known the importance of connecting with the music in our lives, however, that way of almost forced musicality just wasn’t doing it for me. 

So I thought I would share a snapshot of what I have witnessed over the past 10 years of being privileged enough to share such a different perspective…

I’ve had students come in after very few lessons and play a blues number like they have been playing for years.

I’ve had children come in after 3 years of lessons and blow me away not only with their advanced playing skills of all musical styles but extensive repertoire of songs they can play anywhere, anytime, from memory!

I’ve had retirees marvel at what they are capable of in such a short time after having piano playing on their ‘bucket list’ for so many years.

I’ve had parents express their absolute surprise and delight at what their children are able to accomplish so quickly.

I’ve been brought to tears as I’ve watched my students perform at local nursing homes as THAT IS WHAT MUSIC IS ABOUT. Emotion! NOT perfection and correct notes as a priority. Emotion and connection and the love of SHARING ourselves musically with others WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and without always wondering if we are good enough. If you learnt a musical instrument as a child and doubted your ability let me tell you YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. If you have always wanted to play then YOU ARE CAPABLE. If anyone ever told you you were no good at music let me declare here and now – RUBBISH! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is entitled to a music education and a sense of musical validation. 

So I want to know. How do you express yourself musically? Do you regularly listen to music? Can you still remember a little from your childhood experience and ‘tinker’ around? What is it that lights you up musically? I would love to know. 

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