Why do you keep quashing that desire in the inner core of your entire being? You know the one, that desire that says that what you want actually matters. The same desire that has been there in your heart of hearts forever! The desire that keeps arguing with that other part of you, that says other people’s needs have to be met first. That other priorities are so much more important than you actually filling your own cup. It ends up being a little bit like one of those mouse wheels doesn’t it? You keep going around and around in circles always ending up where you started with nothing to show for all the effort you have put in and that deep desire still unmet, again and again and… well, again.

What has to happen for you to accept that it’s ok to put yourself first for a change? What has to change for you to acknowledge that what you want is so very important? In fact, it is so important that you meet that desire head on because it will ironically have an incredible positive effect on your loved ones. They will be happy because you are happy. They will feel fulfilled because you are fulfilled. They will be ILLUMINATED because you are lit up on fire enjoying what you are passionate about again.

BUT instead of listening to the desire, the heart of hearts deep calling, unrelenting… You instead keep listening to that other voice. It’s so practiced at making you feel like you are making the wrong decision – it’s too expensive, I can’t afford it. You know the voice of logic, which is actually just the voice of repetition…. How about you ask yourself what the cost is to you if you don’t take that leap of faith. Some things are simply not a luxury or a ‘nice to have’, they are fundamental to our mental wellbeing, our overall brain health, our ability to experience a sense of wholeness in a broken world. Surely you are worth all of that plus more!

I get it. I really do. I’ve been there. I had a massive health scare during my third pregnancy. Like anyone I have a desire to maintain a healthy, strong, nourished and able body. The discovery of a cyst in my spinal cord meant I experienced reasonably serious nerve damage down my right side. It took me years to realise that a regular massage was NOT a luxury for me but an absolute necessity if I wanted to make a full recovery.

Anyway, I’m going to leave it up to you – take it or leave it, but, did you know that a recent study suggested “a strong predictive effect of high musical activity throughout the life span on preserved cognitive functioning in advanced age.”

I for one certainly want to keep my brain active as well. I believe the old adage that if you don’t use it you lose it. Why not combine your desire to PLAY the piano again with the added possibility of ensuring your mind is challenged and remains well and truly intact.

Do yourself a favour and celebrate you for once by finally returning to the wonderful world of music.

You have been missed ?

If this resonates with you and you would love to be welcomed back to the wonderful world of music with open arms and a big grin, just email me at joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and I’ll give you a call to discuss some possibilities for you.

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