You know that saying about how a painter never paints their own house or a mechanic never fixes their own car? 

Well, I’ll be honest with you after a five-hour block of teaching, sometimes the last thing I want to do is teach my own kids piano!

Then I think how can I not…

How can I not give them the GIFT of music in their lives?

How can I not ensure they experience the emotional, physical and social benefits of a playing-based music education.

How can I not facilitate their auditory processing using music as a vehicle?

How can I not give them music that research has shown can improve their school grades and therefore their opportunities in life?

How can I not show them an avenue to learn persistence, patience and personal responsibility?

How can I not provide them with a sense of ENJOYMENT and self-confidence after they have achieved a certain mastery of a piece?

How can I not help them to be well-rounded individuals with a certain appreciation for all manner of genres?

When I hear their piano playing wafting through the home, well, it makes all the effort SO worthwhile.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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