I felt my blood start to boil last week as I was chatting with someone about an experience their daughter had at school. She was telling me how her 8-year-old daughter was very excited to ‘try out’ for the violin program.

My radar was on high alert already at the mere mention of a child having to ‘try out’ for a music program i.e prove her ability even before she had been taught anything. That’s kind of like telling a young child they can’t do maths unless they already know how to add up don’t you think?

Well, you will never guess what the reason was. She was told she didn’t have a good enough ear!!!!!

What on earth is going on here that every child is not being afforded the same learning opportunities REGARDLESS of their so-called ‘perceived’ lack of ability. You can’t tell me that little girl hasn’t got the potential to develop into an absolutely amazing musician and she’s been stopped in her tracks, already, at just 8 years of age!

What do you think that rejection has done to her overall self-image? Perhaps she has already made the heartbreaking decision that she isn’t musical which just isn’t true as we are ALL musical beings. 

How dare anyone be told, let alone a small child, that they aren’t good enough to express themselves musically.

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