Yes, this is different.
Yes, this is ground breaking.
Yes, this is a breath of fresh air in music education.
You can doubt it all you like but you know you want it. You know there is something here for you. You know it will help you perceive music in a way you never dreamed possible. You know it will all finally make sense to you. But still you hold back. Still you question. Still you’re unsure if this could possibly be true. After all, isn’t the way you learnt the ‘right’ way.

It’s not the ‘right’ way. It’s ONE way. Just because you have been indoctrinated into thinking it’s the only way doesn’t mean there isn’t another way. A way that suits you better. A way that CONNECTS you with the instrument. A way that revitalises your enthusiasm for music. A way the enlivens you. A way that gives you PERMISSION to explore for the sake of exploring – a worthy pursuit and an end in itself.

If you want to continue with that supposedly ‘right’ way go right ahead – it works for some. It didn’t work for you otherwise you wouldn’t even be here reading this. Alternatively, within a few short months, using a system that employs intelligent building blocks you run the risk of finally understanding how music is actually constructed and experience it in a realm you were never allowed to when you were younger. You will have to set a timer to remind yourself to stop playing!
My daughter is currently learning how to play Bohemian Rhapsody. I have literally been mesmerised watching the process unfold to the extent I asked her the other day how on earth she is memorising so much music so quickly! Of course, I know how she is doing it – I taught her how to do it using specific tools, strategies and building blocks to decode the music off the page! I know the power of the process.

However, it really does seem almost magical when the entire process is unfolding under your own roof! When we first looked at the music it seemed so overwhelming but we worked out a deadline for her and then divided the amount of days left by the number of bars in the piece. It worked out she needed to learn two bars per day to reach her goal. Well she is a page and half in now and as I said playing it from memory and quite fluently.
If you are willing to make a commitment and follow the instructions this process works. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can be playing the piano again and ENJOYING yourself, email me at with your best contact number and I’ll give you a call to discuss some possibilities for you.

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