Do you ever feel spent?

Over it.

Done with it.

Can’t go on any longer?

Fed up with taking care of everyone else’s needs and resisting finally taking some time to do the things you have always dreamed of doing? Have you ever wondered where this might be coming from? The lack of clarity, the delay in achieving all your goals that you once thought would have happened by now. What’s holding you back do you think? Is it fear of failure? Fear of success?

Perhaps you are just not allowing yourself to feed your soul with the nourishment it is craving. We need to find a creative outlet to express ourselves.

We can’t perpetually live in the left side of our brains without their being a cost to our overall wellbeing. To creatively express ourselves is a fundamental human need.

I’ll tell you what I suspect might be happening.

Just a thought…

You may be holding yourself back for the fear of being judged. Perhaps you had an experience sometime in the past where something you created was criticised by someone who supposedly knew yourself better than you. An “expert”, none the less. How on earth we can judge self-expression is beyond me but let’s just say something like this happened to you. The last thing you are probably going to do is not put yourself in that situation again where you are made to feel less than because you didn’t do it the ‘correct’ way. The ‘perfect’ way. The way that someone else thought you should express yourself.

It never ceases to amaze me when my students come in with their own compositions that they have made up on their own at home. Every single one of them is OUTSTANDING. You know why – because they represent the COURAGE they have had to overcome to even be there playing what sometimes is a very personal expression of who they are. How privileged are we to catch a glimpse of their spirit, an unadulterated light beam from their heart to ours, their teacher and classmates?

What bravery. Bravo, I say! Bravo!

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