What’s holding you back anyway? Where is that coming from? Is there some kind of blocked out memory you are not confronting? Is that memory controlling your every waking state and decision making? Is it time to shift that and let go so you can reach out and do all the things you would love to be doing with your life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be participating in innovative and inventive activities that stimulate your desire to bring something magical into being?

The level of creativity has been palpable in classes here at Rhythm and Tunes Piano School this week. One of the projects I absolutely love assigning is to ask students what the right hand of one song sounds like played with the left hand of another song. Some students LOVE this assignment and others, well, not so keen. I believe that is because we are so used to being told exactly what to do with step-by-step formulas.

Although this project can create a little anticipation I tell students it is certainly worth persevering and ‘digging for the GOLD’. The amount and quality of combinations I have heard this week is quite astounding to me. I haven’t even thought of some of them myself and they have all sounded fantastic! The most exciting thing is how one idea can spark so many other creative thoughts – it’s like a musically creative domino effect. I can’t tell you the amount of times students have inspired me with this process and awakened a desire to create my own stuff.

We have been trained in most learning environments to receive information and trust it is the gospel truth. That’s fine. Sometimes it is. BUT sometimes we have to question and poke and prod and massage that information to see if we can transform it into something else that makes more sense, sounds better, sits more comfortably. Sometimes you will find gaps and it’s important you know how to fill them in or challenge them WITHOUT being concerned for whether it is right or wrong. There is no right or wrong in the creative process.

So what are you doing just sitting there twiddling your thumbs? You have a life to live! Why not join our wonderful community here of likeminded, incredibly amazing, risk-taking, CREATIVE and all round wonderful people who have chosen music as their vehicle to unlock their ingenious potential.

Email me at joanne@rhythmandtunes.com.au with your best contact number and I will call you to arrange a booking for your FREE ‘Let’s Musically Imagine Possibilities For You’ Introductory Session.

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