FORTITUDE. What on earth does that mean?

Well, what do you want for your kids?

What is your dream for them?

Perhaps not exactly what they will do with their lives because that’s up to them.

 But what is it from a character perspective that you would like to instil in them?

 Do you want them to give up at every obstacle they face?

Do you want them to say no it’s too hard I can’t do it?

What about following the crowd and participating in harmful, unhealthy activities because everyone else is doing it?

Do you want them to be afraid of challenges and never fulfil their potential?

Of course not!

You dream about their ability to take on the hardest of challenges and overcome them with grace and ease. You KNOW they will hit many obstacles as they grow. Perhaps life will throw the hardest of times at them and you want to give them the skillset to know how to deal with these things without them feeling overwhelmed and stuck, as though they have hit their absolute limit and can’t go any further.

You know that if they can BELIEVE that they have limitless potential they will do life well.

You know that they can learn (and you can show them) to meet any difficulty head-on and have the RESOLUTENESS to come up

with solutions to any problem and move forward.

You pray that they will experience great JOY as well, which of course they will, however you also know you need to teach them







We don’t have any control over the type of world our kids will experience, however, I firmly believe we can equip them with a very large toolbox of skills and experiences to ride out the storms of life with competence and mental fitness.

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